Marine, special-purpose electric motors  
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The SKB Ukrelectromash, which is a part of the UPEC Industrial Group, is Ukraine’s leading developer of general and special-purpose electric motors of small and medium sizes. The Company’s profile is the development of new designs of electric motors, aggregated devices, and generators.The Company is the developer and manufacturer of special-purpose electric motors for application in the life support systems of submarine and surface vessels, railway locomotives, nuclear power plants, as well as in air defense systems. 

The Company is the only developer in the CIS and one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of low-noise marine and special-purpose motors of 2DMSh, 3DMSh, 4DMSh series and others with rotational axis height in the range from 63 mm to 200 mm and capacity ranging from 0.18 to 30 kW for drives of seaborne machinery of Navy and civil fleet. 

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